Tuesday, September 14, 2010

here i go...

Alright, well... I decided that I actually need to get this blog up and running. And unlike most of my days, I actually have some time to do this with some brain power.
Ive been waiting for the perfect time in my life to start (the blog). You know, when things start to unfold. When I come around the corner and all I see is green grass and winding rivers, and maybe some fluffy emu's frolicking around....just waiting for me to pet them? Just straight up peace, and yes, I'd LOVE me a fluffy emu to pet. Right, these fields of green with emu's and rivers is never gonna be waiting around the corner for me. I think that is how a lot of my life goes. I am never satisfied with where I am in my life. I think that this could possibly be a bad thing. Never satisfied, never excepting. Ive heard it said before that you cant actually move forward until you except where you are at. And I totally believe that to be true. You cant fully move ahead unless you fully except, forgive and look forward. So here I go, excepting my life how it is, imperfect in most every way, and I will write anyway. Unashamed of how I dont have everything together, barely anything at all. And how I work to except, to love, and to challenge myself to being the 'me' that I was designed to be.
ps. Maybe I will still be ashamed....but I will still blog anyway.

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